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Which textiles can I use?

Always select a less stretchy fabric when working with cotton fabrics (no spandex or lycra). This helps to prevent cracking when pulling or stretching the fabric apart.

What are the Transfer Media Printer Settings?

  • Use the side or Multi-Purpose Tray when printing Transparency/Foil.
  • Choose the other side as the paper exit (Face-Up), otherwise you will not be able to print with Transparency/Foil.

What is important before using the Heat Press?

Only with sufficient heat on both plates, can you get consistent results. We advise that you keep your Heat Press in the closed position when not in use. This keeps the Lower Plate hot and ready for your next application.

  • Pre-Heat & leave the Heat Press in the closed position!
  • Make sure that the press has reached the set temperature on the heat plate.
  • Leave your Swing-Away press closed until the lower metal plate is hot to the touch.

Note: If existing, remove the Teflon sheet from the upper and lower plates of your heat press. Teflon absorbs too much heat and leads to faulty and inconsistent results.

What happens if I have a faulty silicone pad that is not glued to the lower plate?

If the upper and the lower plate of the heat presses are not touching each other in a single vertical movement, but also partially in a horizontal (slide) movement, this may lead to an incomplete transfer of the B-Coating (B-Paper) to the A-Foil. This is espe­cially true with large, full-scale designs or pictures.

This might happen due to a mechanical fault, where the closing device is;

  • worn out
  • loosened, or
  • defective

The faulty areas will cause holes and scratches in the transfer.

What happens if my bottom silicone pad of my heat press is too soft?

Extremely Soft silicone pads may lead to problems in the separation of A-Foil and B-Paper Media.

What side of the A-Foil should I print my image on?

Print on the Frosted side of the Flex-Soft-Foil.

Note: Only one side of the Flex-Soft-Foil can be scratched away and this is the side you should print on.

Can a worn image drum lead to poor toner coverage?

Yes, when the message “Image drum near end of life” appears, we recommend that you observe the print quality of the respective color closely and to have a spare drum ready, just in case.

If you are experiencing, what appears to be a worn drum when printing, but your image drum is ok or new, then check the temperature of the Transfer Media. If the Transfer Media is too cold, then it may cause worn image drum looking prints.

Which side of the A-Foil goes on the Heat Press?

  • The Frosted side of the A-Foil must face up
  • The B-Paper face down on to the A-Foil

Should I always place the transfer media in the middle of my heat press?

Yes. This is because some heat presses do not have uniform heat & pressure distribution around the edges. The further you go to the edges, the more likely processing errors will occur, due to this lack of pressure on and around these areas.

Is it important to leave the A & B Media on the press during the separation?

Yes, otherwise cold air will flow under the media and cause the transfer to cool down rapidly. If the media cools down too fast, parts of the design may transfer from your Flex-Soft-Foil to the B-Paper which is not desired.

Can I separate the A & B Media very fast?

Separating the Media too fast may lead to torn-out areas around the edges or other critical areas in your design.

Is there a special technique I can use to separate the A & B Media?

  • The media should remain flat on the heat press during the separation.
  • Separate the A & B Media in a flat and consistant motion.
  • Slow down at the end to avoid “broken edges” in your design.

My design is not sticking to my tshirt. What am I doing wrong?

  • Pre-heating your press before use. Check if you have the right temperature.
  • Please follow our Printing Instructions for all the correct transfer preparations.

Why do I sometimes have incomplete and faulty edges on my design?

While opening the press or removing the textile from your press, it may happen that the corners of the A-Foil lift up from the fabric. This leads to undesired hot-peeling and to incomplete and faulty edges.

How should I remove the A-Foil from my shirt?

The best way is to roll it instead of peeling. Take one corner and lay your flat hand on it. Start to roll the A-Foil away from the shirt.

This will help you to have perfect results with small fonts and rasterized designs.

Can I remove the A-Foil from my Shirt while it is still warm?

If you remove the A-Foil while still warm, it will lead to an incomplete and faulty transfer.

My T-Shirt fades when I wash it. What am I doing wrong?

Did you fix your transfer after transferring on your shirt?

If yes, make sure that you are washing your garment with the correct settings and that you turn it inside out. Try to avoid using very powerful washing powder or fabric conditioners.

For more information on the Washability settings for our Transfer Media, please visit our Printing Instructions page.

Cold Media causing worn image drum like problems!

If the Transfer Media is too cold, then this may cause problems similar to that of a worn image drum. Placing the media at room temperature shortly before printing will fix this issue.

How should I print my designs?

Be sure, that your Designs are:

For Black & White Printers: 100% Toner

For CMYK Printers: 400% Toner (= C: 100% + M: 100% + Y: 100% + Black: 100%)

For White Toner Printers: NEON Colors: 100% White. All other colors: 300% Toner (= C: 100% + M: 100% + Y: 100%)


If you have a 400% Black design, but your printer prints it with only 100% Black, please check your driver.

For example: You are using the “PCL” driver for your printer, please select the “PS” driver.

Now you will recieve an 400% Black design!

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